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   These are the real thing (tensioned fabric structures)   
   not cheap copies
These Soaring Shapes Can Be Used
in Large Commercial Structures or
 a Patio Covers & Awnings.


 sail photo

 sail photo

 sail photo

We Offer CompleteDesign
& Engineering Services, As Well
As Providing Either:
Custom Made
or Standard Sizes.

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 sail photo

 sail photo

 sail photo

 sail photo

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 sail photo

 sail photo

 sail photo

 sail photo
                shade sail photo
"The North Carolina Zoo 'Australian Walkabout' has been up and running for nearly two months now, and it is a big success! Attendance is up by about 15-18% and surveys indicate that visitors really like it. The shade sails transformed an area that couldn't be used because of the heat into a very attractive space that functions as an area for educational programming and for small evening events. Thanks very much for your help with this project!"
Ron Morris
General Curator
North Carolina Zoo

Dear Sirs,
I wish I had ordered your shadesail years ago! I have very sun-sensitive skin and hated swimming in our pool because it is always directly in the sun. My husband put up the shadesail so that I now have shade over part of the pool and can swim, relax, and read in the pool without worrying about being burned. I love your product.

Just thought I send you some photos of our sail.  Thank you so much.  It has been almost a year and it still looks wonderful.  You came to mind when someone asked me about it and wanted to get your website.   Thank you again.  We love our sail.

Our beautiful sails are up and everyone is enjoying.
We have received many compliments from members and visitors.
With the recent severe storms, we are glad the extra time and money was
spend on having a proper support system.
Greg M.

The sails are up!
They really look wonderful.
The lights in my soffit also look great on them.
Thanks for all your help.

You and your company have been amazing! Thank you so much! Our shade sail arrived Wed., and you have credited our account for the return. We are putting it up tonight and will have plenty of shade for the wedding shower tomorrow!

I will highly recommend your company to anyone that asks!

Thanks again,

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Sunset Magazine
August 2005
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Popular Mechanics
Made For Shade
July 2005

Better Homes & Gardens
Set Sails for Family Playtime
June 2005
Deck, Patio & Pool                  turf wars
Deck, Patio & Pool                           DIY Network's Turf Wars 2010     
Summer 2009

new york times
Between Sun & Skin, Protective Canopies
July 1, 2004
landscape online
Play Structures on Private Campuses
June 2005

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"The Wave"
Retractable Patio Covers
(Roman Shades)

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Floating Bed from
    floating bed

Grants for Shade structure program 

The American Academy of Dermatology's shade structure program awards grants in the amount of $8,000 each for the purchase of permanent shade structures designed to 
provide shade and ultraviolet (UV) ray protection for outdoor areas. The AAD also 
provides a permanent sign to be displayed near the shade structure that promotes the importance of sun safety. The AAD receives support for this program from Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Co.

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Use of any photographs or text from this web site without our expressed permission is prohibited.

We have recently noticed a number of web sites using our photographs without permission. In fact, we have even seen our photos on printed material from China, etc. This is a crime but more than that it is misleading and dishonest. These companies want people to think they have done these projects, when in fact they probably haven't done a single job or they wouldn't need to steal ours.  Only the distributors listed on this site have permission to use our photos and every photo shown on this web site represents a job we or our distributors or customers have done. The reason we can show so many photos is we have been doing shade sails since 1997 and we learned from a firm that had been doing them for 15 years in Australia before that. In fact, we have literally hundreds of completed projects not shown on this web site.

We also stock a limited amount of Shade cloth and agricultural netting at: